IP Management Software that actually makes sense

Stop wasting time bouncing back and forth between your email and your docket and get into your IP center of operations with Geode IP.

Your IP Command Center

Imagine only needing one system for all of your IP Management efforts. Sounds like a dream? No, it sounds like Geode IP.


IP Relational Database

Don't isolate your IP. With Geode IP, you can not only store all of the bibliographic info about your patents and trademarks but also keep track of how your portfolio relates to the larger business.


Super Powered Task Management

Access emails, documents and bibliographic data all from within the task you are working on. It's not enough to just track deadlines and dates - see all of the necessary context about the task you are working on, right where you are working on it.

Integrated Document Management

Access all relevant documents for an IP Matter from directly within the system. And with Geode IP's email integration, uploading new documents has never been easier.


USPTO Integration

Feel fully secure that every update is getting into your system and all of the data is up to date with Geode IP's integration into PAIR and TSDR.


Easily export all of the data in the Geode IP system with only a few clicks.

Finally a modern take on IP Management

You keep innovating and so should your IP Management software. Meet the new standard for IP Management.

Fewer Systems Means Fewer Mistakes

Operating in multiple systems increases the opportunity for mistakes and missed deadlines. Make Geode you IP Command Center and lower the risk of error.

Constantly and Rapidly Evolving

You are constantly innovating and evolving and so are we.

Minimal Typing, but Full Control

You should have full control of what goes into your docket, but that doesn't mean you should have to enter everything yourself. Geode IP's autodocketing limits the amount you have to type by intelligently prompting updates for you to review and approve or reject.

Stop adapting your process to fit old software

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